Monday, June 14, 2010

What really works for packing your lunches?

When I just had one Little Luncher, I had more time to get really fancy with her lunches. Once I had two, things could still be done with extra touches and flair but I had less time to dedicate to packing. Now that Little Luncher #1 and Little Luncher #2 have different tastes, appetites and schedules things could be getting a bit more hectic...add to that Little Luncher #3 starting to try new foods and it could really become chaos.

I look for ways to plan ahead, prep ahead, keep things simple and seasonal but also make eating fun and enjoyable. Recently I came across the Easy Lunchboxes system and I have to say, it works for our lifestyle and our family. The system is made of three parts - a three-section container, a tightly closing lid and an insulated carrying bag (with room for a thermos, a yogurt, a banana, etc).

These containers are equally practical for taking a lunch to preschool, the office or for running around town. I love that they go in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave or fridge. They come in a set of four containers with four different colored lids - that works really well to make sure the right person gets the right lunch. Mornings can be crazy, it's nice to not spend ten minutes looking for the lids for each of the little tupperware containers or opening and closing each person's lunch three times to be sure the right person has the right lunch.

Find more photos like this on Little Lunches

And, while we are at it...we love this company because it's run by an mompreneur who knew from experience what we moms need to make our lives a little less hectic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bringing it all together...the Little Lunches Project

Two-and-a-half years ago I was taking a class in social media at UCLA. Our final assignment was to put together a social media campaign for a person, product or service. I toyed with a few client projects (I was taking the class on behalf of my employer, a boutique ad agency in Ventura County) and I thought about my mother who is an incredibly gifted hand weaver and could benefit from reaching a larger audience but I felt that my final project should be a segue into something tangible and applicable.

At the time my oldest daughter was two and eating anything and everything I fed her, while my baby daughter was just starting to eat solid foods. I belonged to a very active online baby board. As our kids grew through the various food phases many questions came up. Some were surprising to me.

I was raised in the early seventies in a farming community. My parents were both very well traveled and enjoyed a wide palette of foods. I didn't really experience processed/packaged foods until I was in grade school. I went into parenthood blindly assuming that that was just how you start kids out. Soon I discovered that (a) most kid oriented food is not actually that healthy and (b) once you move past the single pureed food stage most people really want some direction and practical ideas about what in the heck to feed these little people.

So, Little Lunches was born. I first built a "Ning"site to create a community for other parents who were wondering the same things as me. I then added a Facebook Group and a Twitter page. Off and on over the past two years I have dedicated myself more or less to this "cause." This blog is being built to bring all the components together. Please enjoy and remember, "Do think inside the box!"