M is for Menus

Little Lunches for the Week -

Monday – Waldorf Salad (apples, raisins, celery, mayonnaise) and whole grain crackers.

Tuesday – Cream cheese, cucumber and turkey rolled wrap, yogurt and a tangerine.

Wednesday – Pasta Salad (corkscrew noodles, italian dressing, shredded cheese, peas and chopped deli meat), apple and yogurt.

Thursday – Cheese and turkey sandwiches cut into shapes, tangerine and pretzels.

Friday – Breakfast for lunch – toaster waffles with peanut butter and jelly, yogurt and a tangerine.

Little Lunches for the Week -

Monday – Mini Turkey Meatball Sandwich with cheese cubes and carrot sticks

Tuesday – Ham and Cheese Sandwich with yogurt and salad (lettuce, cucumbers and carrots w/ranch dressing)

Wednesday – Mini Pita with cream cheese and cucumber with small apple and cheese cubes

Thursday – Pasta Salad (curly noodles, chopped ham and cheese and cucumbers) with pretzels and grapes

Friday – Ice Tray Sushi (make it with carrots and cucumbers if your kids are anti-fish), Veggie Sticks (find them in the chip section at Trader Joes) and yogurt.