F is for Freezer

Little Lunches puts three kinds of things in the freezer.

(1) Made ahead items
It's easy to make your own chicken nuggets. The kids will still eat them but you control what goes in them. Double this recipe, bake them all and freeze half in serving sized batches. Take them out and nuke them as needed.

Mini Turkey Meatballs! Double your recipe and freeze these little morsels. Take out as many as you need for your little lunches – great for tossing in with noodles, making mini meatball sandwiches, break up meatballs for your toddler…and they work as quick appetizer when unexpected guests stop by.

Muffins - Mini or regular size, again, double up your recipes and freeze a bunch. Muffins are a great place to hide extra portions of vegetables and cheese.

(2) Store bought items

We love Trader Joe's and Costco for these...frozen turkey meatballs (if you don't want to make your own), edamame, yaki onagiri (rice and soy triangles) and more.

(3) Things to keep lunchboxes cool

The usual suspects juice boxes, yogurts, fruit purees....